Choosing a building inspection company

After searching for long, you have finally found your dream home at the right price with the necessary financial arrangement in place. The question however remains whether the house is worth the price. To prevent any disastrous outcome in the future, unless you’re in the mood for a testosteron fuelled attempt to renovate your home yourself, it is crucial to hire professional service providers who provide an unbiased opinion and pest inspection services. With hundreds of such companies available, the consideration is how to choose the most appropriate service provider. Considering the following important factors can help you make an appropriate choice of a building company.

Past experience

Before you book the services, it is recommended you procure a sample report of previous projects. A reputed professional agency should provide such a sample report on its website for potential clients to see. The report should be about an actual completed project and should not be a dummy comprising all possible scenarios for different types of houses compiled in one report. Moreover, the report should be simple to understand and should not one that does not contain beneficial information. Another important consideration in this report is inclusion of pictures clearly providing details on the faults. Pictorial representations with arrows and circles are easier to understand when seen along with the written commentary.


Buyers are advised to work with agencies that are recommended by their real estate agents. It is not uncommon for agencies to have tie-ups with such service providers and often is able to convince their clients about their non-interest with the chosen building and inspection service provider. Although the broker may provide you with more than one choice, it is highly possible that all these service providers often make complimentary reports even for those houses that are in some of the worst conditions. Therefore, avoid working with inspection companies that are recommended by your real estate agent.

Cost and license

Several inspections companies work for volume to procure a larger pie of the business. The consideration is to earn most inspections that need to be done by charging lower fees. However, this may result in a quick inspection that is often not thorough offering a vague and inconclusive report. Such companies often do up to eight inspections per day and are more susceptible to negligence claims from unsatisfied clients. Before you hire a building inspection company, it is very important to check the license and insurance details. Although the company may have adequate insurance, the actual inspector may not be covered under the policy and not have the license to conduct the inspection. The on-site inspector should provide a complete license and insurance document with his or her name to ensure there are no issues.

Specialized equipment and knowledge

Such inspections are often only visual and the agency does not gouge or dig the walls during the entire procedure. Nonetheless, it is important for the agent to use the latest technically developed equipment to complete the evaluation. Some of the equipment that is necessary includes high powered torch, moisture detection monitors, ladders, and thermal imaging cameras.